Important Information

Debit/ATM Cards.

To activate/set or reset PIN

  • Call 800-992-3808

To report a lost or stolen Debit/ATM Card  

  • call 844-281-2433

To initiate a dispute for fraud or non- fraud transactions

  • call 844-281-2434

If there is suspicious activity on your card you may receive a text from our fraud dept.

  • ​The text will come from 37268

  • they will only ask if you made the purchase

    • they will not ask for any other information such as social security number, card numbers or other identifying information​

    • If you reply "Yes" they will refer you to our fraud call center for more information

The operator can block your card so it cannot be used, and they can inform you of your options.


To obtain a new card, please contact your local Sunlight office.


Credit Cards

Customer Service Number:

  • Call 844-818-6989 

    • activate, check account information and payment options

    • report lost, stolen or fraud on account​​


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Unauthorized Access to member accounts is prohibited.

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