Upcoming: Paper Statement Fee

Beginning June 1, 2024, we will be charging a $2.00 fee for mailed statements. If you would like to change your statements to electronic, please contact an office to sign an e-statement authorization. This fee does not apply to members under 17 or over 65.  

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Fee Schedule


Table of Contents


Share Draft/Checking Account Fees
Non-Sufficient Funds $25.00/Item
Stop Payment $25.00/Item
Check Reordering Prices Vary


Other Service Fees
Effective Date: June 1, 2024
Account Reconciliation $15.00/Hour
Account Research $15.00/Hour
Deposited Item Return $5.00/Item
Statement Copy (prior months) $5.00/Item
Collection $5.00/Item
Certified Check $4.00/Check
Money Order $2.00/Item
Inactive Account* $5.00/Month
Account Closure (within 90 days) $20.00
Unreported Address Change $1.00/Per Change
Interim Account Statement $1.00/Account
Paid-Check Copy $5.00/Check
Incoming Wire $5.00
Garnishment/Leavy $25.00
IRA Share Transfer $25.00
ATM, Debit, HSA and Credit Card Replacement $5.00/Card By Mail
ATM, Debit, HSA and Credit Card Replacement (Rush) $50.00/Card
ATM or Debit Card Replacement $10.00/Card Instant Issue
*Inactive fee may be assessed once the account has been unused for at least 6 months. Activity in any membership share within the account will keep account active. Activity is defined as a transaction the member initiates. Fee will be assessed each month  
Money Market Withdrawal $10.00/Withdrawal
Mailed Statement $2.00/Statement


Wire Transfers
Domestic $20.00/Item


Share Value
Per Value of One Share $25.00


Safe Deposit Boxes
3x10 $30.00/Year
5x10 $50.00/Year
10x10 $80.00/Year