Upcoming: Paper Statement Fee

Beginning June 1, 2024, we will be charging a $2.00 fee for mailed statements. If you would like to change your statements to electronic, please contact an office to sign an e-statement authorization. This fee does not apply to members under 18  or over 65.  

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Cyber Security
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Security Center


Protecting your information is our priority. Every member has a part to play in securing your own information.

How Sunlight Protects You

We have several tools and safeguards in place for your convenience and protection.

How You Can Protect Yourself

Scam Alerts


Who do I call if I think I have fraud?

Start Over
On which product do you suspect fraud?
Debit or ATM Card
Credit Card
Your Sunlight Account
Bill Pay
Did you, or someone with permission to use the card initiate the transaction?
Vehicle Loan Rates
Apply for a Loan
Buy a house
Lost/Stolen Debit/ATM Card

If your Debit / ATM card was lost or stolen:

     -Please call Sunlight during normal business hours

     -Or call our Card department 24/ 7 at 844-281-2433


If your card has simply been misplaced, you can freeze your card with the free Card Valet App* so no one can use it while you look for it. *Available for Apple and Android device.


Activate Debit/ATM
Activate Debit/ATM

Please call our automated phone number, 800-992-3808 to do one of the following for your Debit / ATM Card

    -Activate your Card

    -Set your Pin

    -Reset your Pin

You only have a weeks from the time your card is issued to activate it. If this time has passed, please call Sunlight and we can reset it for you.


Debit/ATM Fraud
Debit/ATM Fraud

To report a fraudulent transaction on your Debit or ATM card please call our Fraud Department 24/7 at (844) 281-2434

Credit Card Phone Number
Credit Card Phone Number

Call (844) 818-6989 to do one of the following:

     -Report a Lost or Stolen Card

     -Report Fraud on the Credit Card

     -Dispute a Non-Fraud charge

     -Activate your Credit Card

     -Check Account information and payment options

Debit/ATM Non-Fraud Dispute
Debit/ATM Non-Fraud Dispute

To make a non-fraud dispute on your Debit or ATM card please call (844) 281-2434



Received Fraud Notification

If there's suspicious activity on your card, you may receive a text from our fraud department from a number (37268)

They will only ask if you made the purchase. They will not ask for any other information such as social security number, card numbers or other identifying information​.

In the event of a fraudulent charge, they can block your card from further use, and assist you in the next steps. If the transaction was yours, they can unblock your card so it is ready to use.

To obtain a new card, please contact your local Sunlight office.

Call Sunlight

Call your local Sunlight Office to for assistance.

Cody                                  Powell

(307) 587-4915                  (307) 754-7191

Worland                            Sheridan

(307) 347-8315                  (307) 672-9028

Bill Pay Phone

Call our Bill Pay department at (866) 321-6544 for:

     -Fraud Dispute

     -Payment Questions

     -Technical Questions

For issues regarding your Sunlight Account and Billpay, please call your local Sunlight Office.

Visa Classic / Rewards
Visa Classic / Rewards

Our Visa Classic / Rewards card gives you points on the things you already buy.

Redeem your points with our UChoose Rewards program.

There are thousands of items to choose from.



Visa Platinum Credit Card
Visa Platinum Credit Card

The Visa Platinum card has our lowest rate.

If you carry a balance on your card at the end of the month, this card can help keep your payments lower.

Authorized Charge

If you authorized a charge but later decided you didn't want the service / product, this charge can not be disputed.

Example: Often a company will offer a "free" trial, but require you to cancel before a time has lapsed, or you will be signed up for a monthly subscription. This charge is not fraud and can not be disputed since it was an authorized charge.

Card Declined

By Default Debit cards can not be used outside the country. High-risk countries are blocked for Credit Cards

  -Call Sunlight if you need this temporarily unrestricted.

  -May internet vendors bill outside the country (like PayPal and Google for some services) This will result in a decline.

  -Our fraud department monitors transactions to detect fraud. If the transaction was deemed high risk, your card may be blocked, and a text message sent to the card holder's phone. 

  -If the location you use your card at has a network error, the card may be declined because they could not reach our servers for verification of funds.

If you have any questions call Sunlight for assistance.