Take Action to Protect your Rights and Information.

As Congress considers critical new infrastructure spending, policymakers are eyeing unconventional sources of revenue to fund their plans.

One proposal under consideration would require credit unions and other financial institutions to report to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) how much money has gone into and out of accounts holding more than $600.


Click to Contact your Representatives to stop this invasion of your privacy!


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Savings Accounts


Primary Share

With a minimum deposit of only $25, you can open a dividend-earning Savings (Share) Account* and become a member of Sunlight Federal Credit Union. Your Share Account will earn a dividend rate that will be paid to you monthly. You will receive a quarterly statement detailing the transactions you made to your account during that period.

*Dividends are paid on Primary Share accounts that have a daily balance of $50 or more. If the account drops below $50 during the month, the interest will be prorated.


Money Market




Christmas Club

What Is a Christmas Club?

A Christmas club is a type of savings account in which people make routine deposits throughout the year. The accumulated savings are then withdrawn before the holiday season to provide funds for Christmas shopping and other holiday expenses, like travel.


Overdraft fees, Insufficient Funds fees, or other fees may reduce the earnings on the accounts listed above.